Legal Consultation

Our experienced legal team will guide you through the complex process of obtaining a crypto license in Lithuania, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

We offer services to ensure your business adheres to Lithuania’s crypto regulations, minimizing risks and fostering trust with stakeholders.

Application Assistance

From documentation to submission, we assist you in every step of the licensing application process, streamlining your path to operation.

Financial Advisory

Our experts provide strategic financial advice tailored to your crypto business, enhancing profitability and growth potential.

Operational Support

We offer ongoing operational support to help you navigate the crypto market in Lithuania effectively.

Market Analysis

Gain insights with our market analysis services, designed to help you understand the competitive landscape and position your business for success.



Our initial consultation helps us understand your business needs and the specific requirements for obtaining a crypto license.



We assist in preparing and organizing all necessary documents for your application, ensuring accuracy and compliance.



Our team handles the submission of your application, liaising with Lithuanian regulatory authorities on your behalf.



We keep you informed throughout the approval process, addressing any issues that may arise and ensuring a smooth experience.

“Applying for a crypto license in Lithuania seemed daunting until we engaged this team. Their expertise and support were invaluable.”

Mark Thompson

CEO of CryptoExchange

“Thanks to their comprehensive service, we were able to obtain our crypto license swiftly and efficiently.”

Sarah Collins

Founder of Crypto Innovators

“Highly professional and knowledgeable, they made the entire process seamless.”

David Lee

CFO of Digital Currency Ventures